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Terms& Condition of Use

Terms & Conditions of Use

Hira Halal Foods through this online grocery store website provides the service enabling our customers to view, order/purchase the products of their choice.

The Company has defined the following Terms and Conditions of use (here after referred to as, “TCOU" for convenience).


※ Terms & Glossary

  • Customers are the users of this service who agree to the TCOU. Since registering to our Website service implicitly means that customer agrees to the TCOU, this incense means who have already registered on our Website.
  • The customers after becoming registered users of the Service can order and buy products of their choice which the Company displays and offers on the Website from time to time.
  • Content refers to Website copyrighted material such as all the texts on site, images, video (if any), design, graphics, and work-up files displayed on the Website.
  • Trademarks refers to the Company's trademark, the trade name and the logo, or any other proprietary information wherever it appears on the Website as well as on any product displayed and sold on the online store or the shop as well as in the system/promotional emails sent to customers.


※Terms and Conditions of Use

  • The customers may use the Service provided by Company based on the TCOU.
  • The customer agrees that the Company might send product information and other promotional information through e-mail, direct mail and/or other means for promotion purposes.
  • By using the Website, customers agree to comply and follow the provisions of the TCOU.Violating which Company may suspend the customer`s transactions and stop customer's Service.
  • When customers want to discontinue using the Service, Customers shall inform their name, user ID by E-mail to . Or send request through Contact Us.  Company shall unsubscribe as soon as it confirms the said E-mail after verifying the details of the customer. The subject of this email should be [Cancellation of the registration]. The customercan Re-open the account and start using the Service again while uses same email ID if (s)he wishes, by again contacting through the Contact Us page. The previous account usage will be enabled after verification is completed.


※Personal Information usage

Personal information provided by customers will be used by the Company for the following purposes.

  • To sell products through Company`s online store or the actual store, ship and deliver them.
  • To bill the customers for payments.
  • To manage customer information
  • To carry out sales campaigns, notify prize winners, ship prizes.


※  Restrictions while using the website and online store service

Following actions when using the Website are prohibited. if a customer commits a prohibited action, the Company reserves right and may terminate the customer's use of Service, discontinue the delivery of products applied for by the customer, and take other measures. Further, If Company suffers damages from a prohibited action; it has a right to demand compensation for the damage from the customer who is responsible for the action. Customer hereby agrees to pay the said compensation.

  • Actions that affect the company or collaborating companies including delivery Company from executing their work and/or not co-operating in executing their work.
  • Proxy order submission or proxy Website Service usage.
  • Entering false or wrong information or not providing enough information when registering to use the Website Service.
  • A minor using the Website without parental observation and approval, consequently ordering any products from Website falsely.
  • Creating problems to other customers in their usage of the Website Service.
  • Using the website Service when the account is suspended temporarily or permanently or if it was revoked in the past by Company.
  • Using the Website when you have previously violated the TCOU and either warned or even not warned by Company for it.
  • Failing to pay the company dues.
  • Infringing a copyright, trademark, design, patent or other intellectual property right, or publicity rights or any other right, of the Company.
  • Committing some other act that is deemed unethical or inappropriate by the Company.


※  Revision of the TCOU

The Company will keep on revising thisTCOU as and when it feels appropriate. Such revisions will be effective immediately after being posted on the Website.


※  Copyrights

Copyrights for the trademarks and content presented on the Website belong to the Company, Subcontractors, information providers or affiliated companies.


※  Disclaimer

The Company may, decideat its own discretion, to either change or discontinue part or all of the Services provided on the Website. The Company shall not be responsible and liable for any damage that occurs to any customer as a result of such action.Furthermore, the Company shall not be liable for any damage that occurs to customers as a result of a system slowdown or stoppage, or a data loss or unauthorized access to data, caused by a problem with computer devices or internet, or for any other damage that occurs to customers in connection with the Website’s Services.

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