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Privacy Policy



Hira Mart respects its customer`s privacy while running business of providing, people from all parts of Japan from different origins not limited to Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Srilankan, Malysian and other countries, with fresh and quality food products. The products are imported from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan as well as some other countries.


This site seeks user information for being associated with it for placing the orders and receiving promotional mails.

For this the company reserves the right to collect the personal information from customers.


This Personal information e.g. name, email address, contact information and home address etc. which can be used as an identity of an individual will be used by the company for the above said purpose only. By registering on the site the customer acknowledges and accepts this and allows the company to use the information for the above said purpose.


Company will take measures and handle the personal information with utmost care, manage it in an appropriate way.

Company will take necessary preventive and also corrective measures from time to time to prevent any illegal usage, destruction of the personal information.


Further, this privacy policy will be reviewed and updated regularly whenever there are any changes in the underlying laws or if required by the company management.

The changes will be posted on website from time to time and will be available to the website users.





Business Hours: Daily 10.00-23.00 Daily


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